LANDac Conference 2017

LANDac’s Annual International Conference 2017 will look back over the decade since the land grab 'hype' began, analysing the processes of transformations that have taken place in those locations where investments have been made and revisiting our understanding of the implications of these investment flows for food security, rural livelihoods and local development. The event will also look forward in assessing new challenges in the field, such as land governance in the context of climate change and increasing urbanisation, and land in relation to the SDGs, using existing knowledge to set the land agenda to 2030 and ensure no one is left behind.

Key notes including:

Eric Sheppard – UCLA

Helga Leitner – UCLA

Duncan Pruett – Oxfam in Myanmar

And with contributions from:

Danielle Hirsch – Both ENDS

Future Deltas – Utrecht University

The 2017 conference takes the all-encompassing SDGs as a starting point to explore how land governance can contribute to meeting these targets, and ultimately help to end poverty in all its forms everywhere (Goal 1). Providing people with secure and equal access to land is fundamental in realising this objective, and is particularly relevant in the Goals that will be further explored in this conference.

Topics highlighted during the conference will include: food security; infrastructure development; displacement, migration and mobility; compensation and resettlement; cities and urban expansion; inclusive development; conflict and competing claims; natural resources and environmental protection; gender and generation; ;and administration and technologies; and climate change and resilience, among others.

You can find more information and the call for abstracts here.

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Please note, registration for the conference will open in early March. Please check back for more information then.

Source: LANDac