Utrecht Summer School: 'Land Governance for Development'

The course is organised by the Netherlands Academy for Land Governance (LANDac), a network of organisations interested in how land governance may contribute to sustainable and inclusive development. MSc students, PhD students and professionals from development organisations and related projects will acquire up-to-date knowledge on new land pressures and learn how to place these in broader theoretical contexts and policy debates from the local to the international level. Topics are discussed in interactive mini-courses, lectures and solution-oriented workshops. The design of the course allows for participants to closely work together with professionals, experts and fellow students from a variety of backgrounds. Topics are discussed from a range of perspectives, with contributions from Dutch and international academics as well as development practitioners, representatives of farmers’ organisations and government policy advisors.

The tutorials in the two-week course provide a general overview of important themes such as the global land rush, land governance, land administration and land issues in post-conflict situations. This overview is complemented by a mix of case studies that illustrate issues and trends in specific contexts. Cases highlighted in previous LANDac summer schools include (trans)national land investments in Indonesia and the Philippines; government-led land acquisition and resettlement policies in India; real estate development for residential tourism in Costa Rica; land governance solutions in countries with weak institutions such as Burkina Faso; land administration and social justice in Brazil; challenges for participatory land governance in Mozambique; and coping with urban pressures on agricultural land in Vietnam.

Download the day-to-day programme (PDF)

You might also be interested in the LANDac Conference 2017, which will take place in Utrecht on 29-30 June 2017. 

Source and full course details: Utrecht Summer School