SA Innovation Summit

The SA Innovation Summit is a platform for nurturing, developing and showcasing South African innovation. Annually, the Summit offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs, innovators, thought-leaders, policymakers, inventors and investors to drive innovation in South Africa and inspire sustained economic growth. Each year offers various lead-up events to the main event in September.

What does the SA Innovation Summit seek to do?

  • Collaborate with government, academia and industry to build a South African system for innovation on a practical level.
  • Encourage mutually beneficial deal-making between innovators and investors.
  • Provide a platform where innovators can participate, grow their know-how and connections, and make their ideas come to life.

The first Summit was held in 2008, and attended by around 80 people. Over the past ten years, it has grown into a premier event on the South African innovation calendar. Since its inception, the Summit has helped more than 500+ entrepreneurs and innovators bring their products to market over the years, and facilitated deal making between numerous corporates and inventors.

In 2016 the theme for the Summit was Accelerate-Innovate-Ignite. What this meant was that we were looking beyond great ideas; we were interested in how great ideas become innovations and how these innovations can be accelerated to reach the market for social, environmental and/or financial impact. The Summit provided the tools, knowledge, networking and funding opportunities, competitions, discussions and introductions necessary to help take innovations from idea to market.

Source and event details: SA Innovation Summit